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Welcome to the competence cluster Battery Utilisation Concepts (BattNutzung)

The competence cluster BattNutzung is part of the umbrella concept of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for battery research. The cluster’s mission is to develop, design and apply new concepts for battery system evaluation, linking experimental results and findings at cell level to the level of battery technology requirements via a general understanding of the system.

The objectives of the BattNutzung cluster include:

  • Application-specific identification of special requirements for cell concepts
  • Identification and quantification of factors influencing cell lifetime and cell safety
  • Development of more powerful methods for estimating, predicting and monitoring cell lifetime and cell safety

In the 14 research projects of the BattNutzung cluster, scientists from a total of 29 institutes at German universities and research institutions are working together to research new concepts for battery system evaluation. Through constant communication between the research projects and with the cluster’s management committee, which is made up of members from industry and science, a close network of science and industry is created in close coordination with the BMBF and KLiB.

Together with the Recycling & Green Battery (greenBatt) competence cluster, BattNutzung forms the cross-sectional initiative Battery Life Cycle. Other competence clusters in the BMBF’s umbrella concept are ProZell (battery cell production), InZePro (intelligent battery cell production), ExcellBattMat (battery materials), FestBatt (solid-state batteries) and AQua (analytics/quality assurance).