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Institut for Innovative Mobility (IIMo)
Electromobility and Learning Systems (ELS)

With its approximately 20 research professorships, 195 scientific employees, 102 doctoral students and a research volume of more than € 20 million p.a., which is essentially financed by third-party funds, the THI is one of the universities of applied sciences with the highest research intensity in Germany. Since 2019, THI has been home to the Bavarian AI Mobility Node with a total of 20 AI research professorships. With five research institutes in the field of mobility and renewable energies, the Fraunhofer Application Center for Networked Mobility and Infrastructure, the AI cooperation network of AININ eGmbH and other competence centers, more than 250 scientists conduct research at THI. Electromobility, in particular the research of battery systems, is a central research focus at THI, which is addressed by the Institute for Innovative Mobility (IIMo) as well as by the CARISSMA research center.

The Electromobility and Learning Systems (ELS) research group, headed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Endisch, researches and develops application-driven methods for the development, production and operation of electric vehicles, including the entire drive train, from the individual cell to the electric motor. Powerful tools and methods from mathematics, computer science and engineering are used.

For the cluster, we are involved in the area of accelerated cyclic aging tests. The focus is on the development of innovative test strategies for constrained cells and includes research on homogeneity distributions in the state-of-charge distribution.

The ELS group comprises about 20 scientific staff members – including 13 PhD students.

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