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Institute of Photovoltaics (ipv) – Electrical Energy Storage Systems (EES)

Electrical energy storage systems (EES) cover a broad field, since in principle all systems that convert electrical energy uni- and bidirectionally into another form of energy are included. The EES research group works on the following topics: Battery cell research, battery system engineering, battery design development, modeling of electrochemical cells, aging prediction of single cells and batteries, state estimation (state of charge, state of health, power prediction) based on artificial intelligence and a digital twin. Other topics include solid and high boiling ionic conductors, double layer capacitors, pseudo-3D capacitors and power to X (X=gas, liquid, solid).

The main topics of the research group Electrical Energy Storage Systems are the investigation of electrochemical, thermal and mechanical processes in battery cells and their aging, as well as the development of new monitoring methods for robust, fast and precise cell state determination. For the MADAM4Life project, the reversible and irreversible expansion behavior of battery cells is used to detect cell state variables and to predict aging effects and the sudden cell death. For this purpose, the expansion and the pressure will be recorded and evaluated using various measurement methods, and a FE-model will be developed to enable a locally resolved analysis of the cell.

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