BattNutzun – Projects

The research projects in the Battery Utilisation Concepts cluster cover research work from the field of basic research to the development of new evaluation and parameterisation methods and the development of analysis and diagnostic methods for new and existing battery systems. They are located in three research fields:

  • Battery system assessment
  • Ageing and lifetime prediction
  • Safety and performance

The projects in the individual research fields are linked by various interfaces with projects within and outside their own research field. This underlines the high degree of interdisciplinarity of all research activities in the cluster. The accompanying project greenBattNutzung brings together partial results of the cluster to form an overall system analysis of the end-of-life of batteries. The project is also located at the interface to the Recycling & Green Battery competence cluster, so that a joint consideration of strategies for the continued use of batteries after the end of their usability in 1st-life applications and of processes for battery recycling is possible from a technological, ecological and economic perspective.