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Department of electrical energy storage systems – Chair for Power Electronics

The Department “Electrical Energy Storage Systems” department is assigned to the “Electrical network and Renewable Energy” chair. The chair has set itself the task of further developing technical and economic processes in the electrical energy system, raising optimisation potentials and producing new, innovative methods of grid management, planning and use. The focus of Ms Hauer’s department is on modelling, diagnosis and the integration of mobile and stationary electrical energy storage systems into the grids.

The Chair of Power Electronics takes into account the rapidly progressing development in this field of electrical engineering, which is decisively characterised by the availability of new, optimised components on the one hand, and by increased demands on various technical systems on the other, which are expediently realised using power electronic actuators. Thus, power electronics is one of the key technologies for feeding electrical energy generated from renewable sources into the grid, for grid expansion, including high-voltage direct current transmission, for energy-efficient electrical consumers and for electromobility.

Grid-stabilising measures such as the provision of instantaneous reserve or the provision of short-circuit current require a very dynamic behaviour of the plants. Since the number of conventional power plants is decreasing in the context of the energy transition, alternatives for the provision of these control reserve products are necessary to ensure the stability of the electrical grid. Battery storage systems are suitable for this type of application, but currently do not have the necessary energy-to-power ratio.  Therefore, IESY identifies relevant grid-serving measures, their specifications and special features in order to simulate the behaviour in the application case. For this purpose, requirements for multi-use cases are also determined. Detailed dynamic grid models and converter models are developed for an overall system analysis.

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